Friday, February 22, 2008

Adi Parva - Sambhava Parva 04

"Janamejaya said, 'O Brahmana, I have, indeed, heard from thee this
account of the incarnation, according to their portions, of the gods, the
Danavas, the Rakshasas, and also of the Gandharvas and the Apsaras. I
however, again desire to hear of the dynasty of the Kurus from the very
beginning. Therefore, O Brahmana, speak of this in the presence of all
these regenerate Rishis.'

"Vaisampayana said, 'O exalted one of Bharata's race, the founder of the
Paurava line was Dushmanta gifted with great energy. And he was the
protector of the earth bounded by the four seas. And that king had full
sway over four quarters of this world. And he was the lord also of
various regions in the midst of the sea. And that great oppressor of all
foes had sway over the countries even of the Mlechchhas.

"And during his rule there were no men of mixed castes, no tillers of the
soil (for the land, of itself, yielded produce), no workers of mines (for
the surface of the earth yielded in abundance), and no sinful men. All
were virtuous, and did everything from virtuous motives, O tiger among
men. There was no fear of thieves, O dear one, no fear of famine, no fear
off disease. And all four orders took pleasure in doing their respective
duties and never performed religious acts for obtaining fruition of
desires. And his subjects, depending upon him, never entertained any
fear. And Parjanya (Indra) poured showers at the proper time, and the
produce of the fields was always pulpy and juicy. And the earth was full
of all kinds of wealth and all kinds of animals. And the Brahmanas were
always engaged in their duties and they were always truthful. And the
youthful monarch was endued with wonderful prowess and a physical frame
hard as the thunderbolt, so that he could, taking up the mountain Mandara
with its forests and bushes, support it on his arms. And he was
well-skilled in four kinds of encounters with the mace (hurling it at
foes at a distance, striking at those that are near, whirling it in the
midst of many, and driving the foe before). And he was skilled also in
the use of all kinds of weapons and in riding elephants and horses. And
in strength he was like unto Vishnu, in splendour like unto the maker of
day, in gravity like unto the ocean, and in patience, like unto the
earth. And the monarch was loved by all his subjects, and he ruled his
contented people virtuously.'"

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