Friday, February 22, 2008

Adi Parva - Adivansavatarana Parva 01

"Saunaka said, 'O son, thou hast narrated to me this extensive and great
history commencing from the progeny of Bhrigu. O son of Suta, I have been
much gratified with thee. I ask thee again, to recite to me, O son of a
Suta, the history composed by Vyasa. The varied and wonderful narrations
that were recited amongst those illustrious Sadasyas assembled at the
sacrifice, in the intervals of their duties of that long-extending
ceremony, and the objects also of those narrations, I desire to hear from
thee, O son of a Suta! Recite therefore, all those to me fully.'

'Sauti said, 'The Brahmanas, in the intervals of the duties, spoke of
many things founded upon the Vedas. But Vyasa recited the wonderful and
great history called the Bharata.'

"Saunaka said, 'That sacred history called the Mahabharata, spreading the
fame of the Pandavas, which Krishna-Dwaipayana, asked by Janamejaya,
caused to be duly recited after the completion of the sacrifice. I desire
to hear duly. That history hath been born of the ocean-like mind of the
great Rishi of soul purified by yoga. Thou foremost of good men, recite
it unto me, for, O son of a Suta, my thirst hath not been appeased by all
thou hast said.'

'Sauti said, 'I shall recite to thee from the beginning of that great and
excellent history called the Mahabharata composed by Vyasa. O Brahmana,
listen to it in full, as I recite it. I myself feel a great pleasure in
reciting it.'"

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